Microphone Cupcakes

To celebrate the American Idol Finale, we made these cupcakes in a cone. Actually , we didn't bake the cake in the cone because we needed it to go higher. So, what we did was fill the bottom of the cup with M&M's for weight and then put frosting around the top of the cone for 'glue'. We placed the unwrapped cupcake on the top and frosted all the way around. Then we rolled it in a bowl of chocolate sprinkles. There you go--a microphone you can eat!
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Angela said...

I love looking at all your fun cakes :) I don't know if you have frequented bakerella's website, but since you enjoy the baking, and decorating, I think you should check her out: www.bakerells.blogspot.com

Snooky doodle said...

wow these look awesome. great idea. I just baked some in the cones but they turn soft to quickly i ll try your recipe now. Awesome blog