Chicken Little Cupcakes

Chicken Little is a cute story about a chicken who thinks the sky is falling because an acorn fell from a tree and hit his head. So, I made chicken cupcakes and acorn treats.

For the acorns, use a donut hole and dip one end in melted chocolate. You could actually use anything you like such as frosting, carmel topping or peanut butter because you are then going to dip that into toffee bits. And, again, you could even use finely chopped nuts. Then, add a small piece of pretzel for the stem. Cute, huh?! These were a big hit at the party!

For the chickens, I used my own cake recipe to make mini cupcakes. I didn't use wrappers because you will be frosting the entire cupcake. For the 'feet' I cut orange jelly candies in half. Honestly, they didn't work very well and if I make these again I would just use orange tic-tacs. I frosted the whole thing with white frosting and rolled it in yellow tinted coconut. Then, piped chocolate frosting eyes and added a peanut for the beak and cinnamon candies for the top.

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