Stack of CD's Cake

Ok, you know when you have a cake idea in your head, but it doesn't quite come out in cake form??? Yep, that's what happened here. Not quite what I had pictured in my head but it's ok. It is supposed to be a stack of music cd's side to side so you can see the titles then headphones over the top. I baked a square cake and cut it into four equal squares. Then I stacked those on top of each other to make the cube. I frosted the whole cube white and sprinkled the left side pink to represent the back of the first cd. The opposite side is sprinkled in purple to represent the front of that cd. The top of the cube (aka the top of all the cd's) I sprinkled in gold. The seperating lines I just made with a knife in the frosting. I added candy and writing to represent the title side of the cds. I used Hostess snowballs for the headphones (ear part) and piped chocolate for the cord. The top of the headphones troubled me the most. First I tried taffy, but it just sagged/broke and I tried more than once :( so next I tried to pipe chocolate like I did for the princess tiara cake. It broke because I didn't have the right curve on it. SO, I broke my own rule and added a non-edible part to my cake--a handle off of an ice cream bucket! It worked. I think she likes it! If you attempt this I'd love to hear what you used and how it worked!! Leave a comment here for me!

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