Princess Tiara Cake

My very first attempt at a tiara! I am pleased with how it turned out! I used white melting chocolate and piped it using a zipper baggie with a hole in the corner. I printed a pattern off the internet (they are available in a number of sites) and taped it to a large vinegar jug. Really, any round item with straight sides will work, just make sure it is something you will be able to slide the tiara off of when you are done! Then, I taped wax paper on top of the pattern. Then I just started piping the melted chocolate following the pattern. I found that the chocolate needed to be on the stiffer side to pipe because when it was too runny it just made a mess! I piped it one time through, then I went over it a second time and while wet I added the sprinkles and 'beads'. The 'beads' are actually sixlets. I found them in the cake decorating isle in lots of different colors. I actually did the tiara 3 days previous to making the cake and it was still good today. I did have the backs on both sides break off once but was able to fix them by using melted chocolate as 'glue'! The cake is decorated with buttercream frosting and I added weaved effect with more sixlets! I am pleased with it. Hopefully my daughter will be!
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Jackson-Billman Family said...

Wow that is awesome sis! Great job, I am sure she will love it! It is beautiful! Too bad its so far away and I cant taste it though!

Stef said...

That is incredible. You have such an amazing talent for cakes!