BYU Football Stadium Cake

OK, here was the challenge from my son:  I want a BYU themed, layered cake but not a repeat of any other year!  Well, after thinking about those repeats, I decided to go for the whole stadium since the jersey, football, and logo were already done!  So, here is my attempt.  Not my best cake, but he got the point.  I baked a large cake and cut the center down to the board.  I frosted the board with green colored frosting and coconut then striped with white icing.  I put the cut pieces on top of the sides for added height.  Frosted in grey for a steel look and M&M's for fans (notice the student side!).  I used the candles for flags and he almost refused to blow them out because he said they were the lights and the game wasn't over yet :) !  Oh, and the plane is a gift from his brother that they thought should fly over at the start of the game!

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