BYU Football Helmet

Another BYU challenge from my son: BYU themed, no repeat from another year! So, I attempted a football helmet this year. It was much harder than I thought (allow some extra time in your day!) but he seemed very pleased with it. My husband liked it so much he had a hard time wanting to cut it up to serve it!

I used two small circle pans for the bottom of the helmet and a bowl for the top layer. I stacked them up and cut out the front. The pieces were then used to fill in the gaps from the second layer to the bowl layer to round it out more. I had the hardest time finding a dark navy blue coloring for my contrasting colors. I did buy a navy food coloring gel, but it never turns dark so I add a little black and I think I have it for the chocolate I used for the face guard. So, I tried that same mixture in the frosting and it didn't work. So, I ended up using the chocolate that I had colored for all the blue that you see. I piped the face guard similar to how I did this except I just freehanded it instead of using a pattern. Then, I piped right on the cake for the logo and stripes.

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