Eagle Treats

We made these treats for my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor!  I was so excited when I found the idea, but they had used a cashew for the beak.  Since I am highly allergic to cashews I searched to find some other candy or something edible that would work.  I came up with caramels.  I cut them in thirds and formed them into a beak.  I thought they would stick to the melted chocolate that the marshmallows are covered in, but not so easy!  So, I made a slit in the marshmallow with a sharp knife and stuck it in there.  That worked great.  So, the rest is pretty self explanatory....Large marshmallow covered in melted white chocolate chips and then rolled in coconut.  Place on top of an oreo cookie (or any other cookie you like) and add beak.  Eyes are from black decorating gel.  Fun, and hopefully will add to the decorations at the court of honor!


Jackson-Billman Family said...

Hah! Those are awesome sis! Good job, very cute! I hate coconut, but they look cool! lol

Anne B. said...

Very cute! My son is working on his Eagle project now and should be done by the end of summer if not sooner, so I am looking for ideas now. I think I will use a Brownie (baked in a round mini-muffin tin) as the base and then make into cake pops. Your idea of using caramels shaped into beaks is ingenious because my son is allergic to nuts also. Thanks for posting all the pictures and instructions, I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I made these for my son's Eagle Court of Honor, and they were adorable and a big hit. Your directions are just right. I used caramels for the beaks, too. The trickiest part is getting the beak to stay in, so cut that slit deep enough. I used chocolate Oreos. Perfect, thank you SO much!